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Mortgage Loan Modification

A mortgage loan modification is an agreement between you and your lender to help you afford your home. You are most likely paying too much for your house, and a loan modification can help you lower your monthly payments, interest rate, and extend or shorten the loan terms.

What is a loan modification program?

Mortgage loan modification, also known as home loan modification, is the single most effective method of lowering your monthly mortgage payment, interest rate, adding past dues to the mortgage balance, and extending your loan period. The purpose of a loan modification is to decrease your payments to an amount that you can afford, and can help you:
If you’re already behind on payments, or its apparent that becoming late is inevitable, its time to negotiate a workout plan with your lender so that you can avoid foreclosure.  A loan modification is a type of workout plan, as well as forbearancedeed-in-lieushort sale, and other loss mitigation programs. 

loan modification, also known as a loan workout, in rare cases may allow a principal balance reduction, or “forgiveness” of a portion of the amount that you owe on your mortgage.

Are you eligible for mortgage modifications?

You may be eligible for a loan modification regardless of whether or not you are late on the mortgage and your equity position in the house. Most lenders do not want to grant mortgage modifications unless you are upside down on your mortgage, however you do not have to be underwater. Some programs require you to have had the mortgage for more than 12 months.

A loan modification may be suitable for you if you are having difficulty making your monthly mortgage payments on time. It is important to have a legitimate hardship; acceptable hardships include: 

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